Edelman at it again

If you give a blogger a cool Acer Ferrari laptop he or she will love you — or at least talk about you. That seems to be the idea behind Microsoft’s recent gift. Microsoft gave an undisclosed number of tech bloggers Acer Ferrari notebooks as part of a Windows Vista promotion. BL Ochman notes that this was an idea cooked up by Eldeman PR — the same PR firm that gave us the Walmarting travel flog. Robert Scoble says, “Now THAT is my idea of PayPerPost!” The photo on the top right is a photograph of the laptop that Scott Beale at LaughingSquid received.

Bloggers Blog: If You Give a Blogger a Laptop

Man there’s really no level low enough that these people will stoop to. So it’s not payola but it’s give the blogger a nice laptop and they will be more likely to say something nice about Windows Vista! No wonder Wal-Mart loves Edelman so much.

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