Fire Guardsmark!

Note – 8/20/14 – While I continue to get incoming traffic for this post, it is seven years old now and the hyperlinks to the sites I referenced back then have ceased to exist. The Fire Guardsmark website is gone and I cannot even pull up a saved version on the Internet Archive. Also, the link about Ford Motor Company is broken as the Working America Job Tracker is no longer functioning. 

Today someone commented on one of my posts with the URL to a website called Fire Guardsmark. I’ve heard about some of Guardsmark’s evil ways in the past so this does not surprise me the least.

Guardsmark’s performance and credibility appears to have fallen way short of what Ford expected to receive. Understandably, Ford has been forced to make many difficult choices recently. One of the tough decisions was to outsource the Security, Fire Protection and Emergency Response portion of its business. Ford chose Guardsmark to provide the service because they felt that although Guardsmark was not the lowest bid, they were the best company to provide the service. Ford wanted the outsourcing to have as little impact on the employees as possible.


Although Ford may be having difficulty at the present time, they have always been considered as a Company with strong values and a good corporate citizen. Guardsmark does not seem to share those same values and ethics. Ford had every reason to believe Guardsmark would live up to the agreement they entered into in 2005. Unfortunately it appears that they were deceived, and that Guardsmark’s actions do not seem to support the image that was sold to Ford.

Well first of all, I would not say that everything is sunny with Ford. They have done some pretty messed up things in the past as well. But Guardsmark does have a few NLRB violations which are linked to on this Fire Guardsmark website.

Guardsmark has refused to negotiate with the Union to resolve grievances. Over 150 meeting request letters have been sent to Guardsmark in an attempt to obtain information, and resolve grievances. The Union has not received any responses to the information requests, and has not received a grievance disposition for over one year.

After reading what Guardsmark has done you’ll want them fired too!

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  1. Guardsmark just took over my former employers account and displaced fulltime security officers and receptionists who on average had over 20 years with the company and were making 20 plus dollars and hour with 13 dollar an hour idiots. The account manager will make 50,000 a year. The average security officer made more than that! Also they are requiring detailed information from anyone wanting to stay in violation of their HIPPA rights! I have forwarded this information to SEIU local for urgent action! I am a conservative person, but unions have their uses and this is a case were they are badly needed!

  2. My son works for Guardsmark.  It appears that his supervisor are some really dull individuals that are on power trips.  This is not a very good way to manage an organization.  My son hates his job because of this.  I own a business, and I build my employees up, not tear them down.  Guardsmark’s management needs to correct this, and they’ll probably find their sales may increase.

    1. Road Dog you are right on.  I work for Guardsmark.  I am 57 years old and have a college degree; however, most of their supervisors do not.  Like your son says, most of them are mental midgets that are on power trips.  The supervisors I have met are extremely lazy as well.

    1. Um ok. Unions are destroying America? You do realize that unions have been
      around since before the 1900’s and America is still here right? This is what
      I tell people who hate unions and think they should be outlawed or what have
      you. You can’t stop people form organizing and in its simplest form that is
      what a union is.

      Even before the NLRA was passed workers were organizing. No matter what you
      do–you can weaken labor laws further and the NLRB further–workers will
      still organize. You’d have to take away the right to free assembly! There is
      always the option of direct action. So whether it is a union, a worker
      center or another labor oriented organization organized labor isn’t going

      Actually since corporations and politicians have made unionization elections
      so difficult I actually welcome unions going the minority

  3. They claim to hire “quality” people. This is far from the truth. Most of the guards Guardsmark hires can't even distinguish basic safety hazards. No one does anything until after an incident occurs. Guardsmark is reactice instead of proactive due to mainly client budgets. It's terrible but in the bigger picture it's business. Any privatley owned “security” company cares about 1 thing and 1 thing only. MONEY.

  4. I know very well what Marxism is. I've read Marx's Manifesto. Ive studied all of the childern of Marx. from Lenninism, Stalilism, Maoism and the bastard children fornd in Facisim and Nazism. Also, I am not paid to like my job I am paid to do my job. The fact that I do is a bonus. guardsmark is better than any other security company out there. Were still get better wages and benefits then the other security companies who sold out to the marxist-heathens of SEIU. I remember when the SEIU recurter actually tried and sucker me into the union fold. First I told him how he was violation the agreement between SEIU and guardsmark. (Recurters were not to come onto property of clients. They were supposed to meet with anyone who wanted to in an area off property) Then I told him that if he did not leave now I would have him arrested for trespassing. He asked for my name. I refused to give it. I do not need Union Goons harrassing my family. It felt good to see him run away with his tail between his legs. All they want is to take my money to support there political causes like higher traxes and infantcide.

  5. I hvenot gone to this site for a long time, but I see the negative comments continute with this company. I know ther are people who wnat to leave guardsmark but since they pay better then alot of the security companies they are forced to stay. I have been with another company since I quit for 6 months now and even though I do make less, I am treated with respect and my opinions are appreciated. I never was interested in the jobs in the office in tampa but I am so hapy where I work now. I am not micromanaged and when I have asked for time off, I have never been deniedit, During my tenture with guardsmark, I never missed a day and all I did was get demoted and told it was my fault, how can it be your fault when your work is excellent, the employees you supervise felt you were fair and you give 100 percent. That is the worse experience I have had on a job in my entire life. I would never recommend this company to anyone.

    1. Anyone who works for contract security needs to have their head examined. There is no security in this job, they hire the bottom of the barrel made obvious by the last two posters posts full of misspellings and poor grammar. You can rant and rave all you want but the bottom line is you mean nothing to these outfits and are just a warm body to fill a post. Go to school, study hard and better yourself, or you will be sitting in a dirty guard shack as an old man lamenting your place in life

  6. Well I'm happy you feel that way ReenDawg. I obviously disagree with your whole premise that "if you hate the company then quit." Some people do not have that choice and it does not mean they should not strive to fix what is wrong with it. Hence, those who work for Guardsmark should continue to voice their displeasure. I also doubt very much you even know what Marxisim is.

  7. Guardsmark is the best security company to work for. I love the company. I've worked for them for 12 years now. If you hate the company you work for quit. Also, I am proud of the fact that SEIU has failed to bring Guardsmark into its marxist fold. HA. After all the time and trouble they have gotton almost no one to sign up. No account in the region that I work in is SEIU and omly a few indviduals signed up.

  8. I worked for Guardsmark part time and full time for

    about 13 years. I can honestly say I saw a lot of stuff that was pretty unethical. If a company, hospital, or any other concern really wants competent

    and consistant security they should hire and train

    their own security guards, armed or unarmed. Too

    these companies and others just want the guards for


  9. Here we go again with the Guardsmark BULLSH%#. Looks like Guardsmark is gearing up to screw the GlaxoSmithKline account workers. They lost the contract this week to G4S. Now all of the workers are being told to meet at the Branch office on Tuesday at 5:00 to interview for positions within Guardsmark.

    Seems like it will be the typical crap that companys use to avoid paying unemployment insurance. Offer the employs jobs in Whoville, USA and then state that the officer declined gainful employment. This would forfeit their right to unemployment benefits.

    This is simply an attempt to penalize GlaxoSmithKline for going with a different Security company. Never mind the fact that they are screwing the employees who have kept the contract going for 20+ years.

    They expect the officers to lay down and take it. They don't expect that any legal or ethical violations will be made public. I just hope these officers don't lay down and take just anything. These are people with families who have served Guardsmark faithfully, and will be thrown out to the wolves. Some company! What is the emblem say again. Truth, Courage and Judgement. What a crock of Sh%#.

  10. I read all this and I will tell you I have witnessed the abuse at the Salinas, California Branch and I have kept in close contact with Donna Smith about everything including the fact that I had no negitive stuff in my employment folder and when she requested it the two people in the office hurried and put something in it which we agreed that it was retaliation. I have seen all the drinking, porn and sleeping on the job and what do they do? Make them watch videos and sign a paper and then put them at a nicer location with supervisor duties and pay..

    When these kinds of things happens please call the police and get the report number send the copies to Donna Smith in Tennessee and request an investigation..if that doesn't work then find yourself a good attorney.Donna Smith says if the employees are breaking the Ethnic Code then so is he Managers in the office. Report the activities to the Better Business Bureau and report it to the Department of Fair Employment and Housing so that they can take legal action and fine the company. Then you may find if you have a case so you can get an attorney.

    The DFEH has collected 9 mil in the state of California in 2008 which means people are not putting up with abuse and violations on the job sites …WAY TO GO CALIFORNIA.

  11. I suggest that if you can chane phone plans that is a possiblity some like verizon have friemds and family and you have put that person, landline or cell phone on it and you will not be charged for the calls. I am not going to say anymore else abut guardsmark since I have left the company and it was not a god fit for me. I work another company now going on 4 weeks and the manger I work for is great. Money to me as not as important as being treated with respect and being appreciated.

  12. wow alot of pros and alot of cons regarding guardsmark. Im a current employees of guardsmark have been going on 4 years now. Im over in michigan where imsure most of you know employment rate hit double digits. So i am blessed that i have a job in this state. How ever the lack of organization from my managaer is increasing my fusteration with the company. Where i work i get paid 80 dollars apart from my bi weekly check for my cell phone bill cause im on call i get my 80 cell phone check every month yet it is april and i'm still waiting to recieve my monthly check for feb and mar. Yea when i approach my branch mgr. he will not disclose the name of who i could talk to which is very un professional in my opinion. Any ideas.

  13. I dont know anything about setting up websites since I am not that computer literate but perhpas an additional site could be set up. Also I suggest people put comments on about consumer and guardmark. Not many people know about this site but I found it by accident and if I knew about it sooner I would not have did some of the purchases I have done and also there are things on the site about Wackenhut and Aliied Barton.

  14. Reponse to pissed off. I agree with everything you have said Perhaps a case action suit is in order for this company. It took me 5 days after everyone else got their paycheck after I resigned. I have never felt so much resentment towards any employer as I have towards this company. They ran me off with extensive managment and security experience and I was replaced with someone who does not have the managment experience or security experience that I possess. But guardsmark does not care how they shalf their employees. I have never been demoted from a job in my entire life and falsely accused of personality characteristics which do not fit my personality. Since their is no union and the memphis office backs their mangers youn are fighting a losing battle. I have had to accept the fact that unless someone takes legal action nothing will change with this company. I do suggest that if you file a suit that you will not get anywhere with using profanity. How to win any suit is with facts, documentation and witnesses when piossible but keep in mind many guardsmark employees will not back you up since the economy is so bad and they dont want to losse their jobs. I can honestly say that I worked in about 8 different sites and for the most part only one of the supervisors was very professional. He got disgusted since the mangment of guardsmark would not back him up even though he requested that a security officer be removed from the site back in septmenber of 2008 and it was not done yet I was told I was be relieved of my duties as the site supervisor only to find out that it was not the vendor but the gurdsmark managers who wanted me out. They are very unprofessional and untruthful. Fortunately I have other income to fall back on or I would have been demoted and never knew what site I would be at or what my pay check would look like every two weeks. This company continutes to get away with mistreating staff yet no one inverstigates what is going on with this company. They want to retain staff yet there were over 20 officers who were gone from the site I was at in about 18 months. Another site I was at there was a turnover rate of over 20 employees and the captain which is the highest payed employee at the site gets the most overtime and it is not questioned by the guardmark managment. During the time I was site supervisor I tried to correct defiencies and instead of being praised for my efforts I was reprimanded. I was fortunatley able to get another job with a manager who is very impressed with me. I am making less money but the stress that the vendor and the mangment put me thru was not worth the extra money. I would not recommend this company to my worse enemy to work for.

    1. It seems that I've been getting a lot of people commenting on this post lately. Actually, this post continues to be one of the more visited posts on my blog (I don't get that much traffic at around 80 visits a day. I'm hoping that changes one day!). I actually put Guardsmark in the same category as Wackenhut. I'm happy that you all have decided to take up a conversation about Guardsmark on this thread. But what if you started organizing and created a Stop Guardsmark website? There used to be a Fire Guardsmark website which I don't see around anymore. Anyhow its pretty easy to do and I'll help in any way via the net that I can.


  16. This is a fucked up company. the problem I have seen are inadequate mangaers I work in a downtown account. I have proved retalliation and discrimination on a account manager who only got her job because she has a degree. She knows nothing about security peroid. I have saw employees stealing, drinking, sleeping, porn watching, abandoning post, using company property and so much more. I have worked with a supervisor that retalliated against me for reporting ghost payroll violations and special privileges for employess. This fucking place is like a damn zoo. I also reported this to their code of Ethics who had the Acc. manager Removed.The Supervisor was fired and The drunk employee also. The problem is I still worked for a part time account for tis Person which I had been at for quite some time. I was removed cause she said I cant be in the union and work a non union account. Guess what i am not in the union? Why is that one of their supervisors who has his on acount is working at my accoun -UNION- in an officers compacity but I couldnt work my acoount?? NO one wants to answer that beccause Supervisors cant wbe in the unio ytet he is on the payroll!!! A M was replaced by this ass hole A>M in the downtown account who has had the account for over a month and has come to talk to every employee several times but me. He only comes when he knows I am not working.. I have seen this guy one fucking time in which he only came because the employee was on the property drunk. This was a month later when I finally seen who this guy was. The bad part about this shit is He wrote me up because the day he wanted to see me I happened to be running late when he took over the account. The guy called me on the phone to tell me I will be wrote up. Then does not come back to even talk to me for over a month. I have so much documentation on this fucking compnany dealing with harrassment,retalliation,discrimination and the list goes on and on. The problem is like someone else said these are ignorant managers who are not compotent when it comes to security and any one who knows more than there ass, is percieved as a threat. Also I asked the new A. M why was I taken form my part time account I was at, He stated the client said I was getting into arguments with its customers at the retail location i worked at. I never exchanged any words with anyone at the account in my whole tome working ther I kew this was a lie!!!This is untrue according to my client I worked for who has provided me with written documentation stating she did not request this. SO which reason is it?? She also wanted to cancel the contract with this company due to several officers being sent to the account and sexually harrassing her employees,and customers. We are talking over four officers.She only held on to the company because I was ther and ended the account after they moved me. The A.M also thinks its ok to change the GORI he holds a meeting telling officers we should reconsider having to bring a doctors note on the third day,instead if you miss two days we should need one. He aslo stated he will not write anyone up NOW for being late!!!! THIS because his girl showed up on post to relieve me late and i told him I know she will be reprimanded just as i was recently. He says now lets not act like kids on the playground. HEll you wrote me up But not her?? I am to strong of a person with morals and values to have to deal with the bullshit I have endured with this company. I still have the monthly training packs that are suppose to be collected each month, yet no one was coming to the account to get them.NO uniform inspections performed or talking to the client on the part time account. 8 to be exact. I thought this company was better than other companys out there this is just another :whats the bottom line, we could care less about the employees company. I have never seen this amount of unprofessionalism in my life.The worst part of it all is I have had several job offers over the span I was with the company and turned them down thinking I was in the right place but Im looking right now in order to get far away. For those of you familiar the instanceses I am talking about ,and for management who think after reading this you are going to retaliate "I put it to you like this I have a lawyer waiting on retainer as I type and if I am terminated I will sue your ass with the documentation,on the instances, situation, actions and so forth I have. I am not making statements I can back it up with facts. I have in depth detailed documentationwith dates,times, recorded phone calls,witness,and camera footage.PLAY WITH ME if you want Im ready !!!!!!!

  17. In response to unappreciated ex-employee, I agree with her 100% because the way she describes this "Company" and the way their "Managers in Charge" handle the business, is exactly the way she has stated it. If your on their good side, no matter what you do, or what you say, they will allow it! Guardsmark is one disgrace of a company, and I know that clients which they currently have under contract, will realize the kind of lousy service they have been getting and paying for, and get rid of these good for nothing, racial hypocrites just as soon as soon as their lease expires! They think they can forever keep fooling the client. They are that Stupid! They blame the economy for the clients that they have lost already, but sooner or later, that excuse is not going to work for them, and someone will eventually wake up and get rid of these two lousy BUMS that are so called "managers." Their time will come!!!!

  18. I worked for this company for 4 months and although it get me thru the holidays financilly, I have to agree with previous comments others have said about this company. I came to the company with glowing credentials and instead of being appreciated for taking intiative by the vendor and the managers of Guardsmark, I was told I was defensive, and abrasive. I have had only two highly professional jobs prior to being hired by gurdsmark and the supervisors, coworkers and employess who worked for me though I was awesome. I was promoted 4 times in one job I was with for over 22 years at the age of 32 years old. This company fosters poor managers with no people skills and a manager like myself who corrected what I knew where gross security problems, I was not appreciated for my suggestions yet ironically the vendor changed some the operating procedures and made the security less at the company since employees had complained that I was enforcing the rules. I have never quit a job in my entire live especially without giving proper notice but I was removed as the supervisor and told I brought it on myself despite the fact that most of the security staff showed up at the last minute to relief me, I never was late and always presented a professional image to the company and the vendor. The vendor was very difficult to get along with yet Guardsmrk management who does not work at the site would not beleive me. Now after I resigned the person who replaced me has no management skills or experience but if you dont make suggestions, go along with the flow you can survive in this environment. I have been at many sites for this company and the captains who treat their staff awful, who make all the overtime seem to be retained and yet when I went the extra mile and even went to the office to get the staff unforms and was sure everyone was in compliance with their security licenses and training records was I appreciated? This is the worse experience of employment I have had in my life and I would not recommend anyone to work for this company. Their isnt even direct deposit for the employess yet their is about 8000 employees. The managers of Guarsdmark only care about their bonuses, they did not appreciate all my hard work and despite my excessive expereince in security the vendor and the managers challenged me on what I knew where things that should have been corrected. Prior to my leaving I set the employees up for training and it is my understanding that the managers told them not to attend yet the contract indicated that the staff was to have monthly training and no one at the site was even in complinace in 2008 and the same thing is occuring in 2009. Now I have a new job making less but I have found that money is not the most important thing in life. My new employer is so much nicer, appreciates my experience and I feel it will be a better fit for me. Ironically the application for Guardsmark is the longest application I have filled out on any job I have had in my life yet I beleive it is just a joke. The company never ordered the uniforms for people and getting a jacket from this company for myself or any of the staff was impossible. Believe me when i TELL yoi dont take a job with this company and the positive comments on this site no doubt are written by the memphis corporate people or the managers who will defend this company. After I resigned the manager has now 4 black employees and I was a white employee be suspended for allegations of hearsay yet a black employee who displaced very inappropriate behavior in front of the prior site supervisor and vendors staff and nothing happened to him. If this isnt discrimination and bias what else can you call it! This company has left such a bitter taste in my mouth it is unreal.

  19. Guardsmark is undoubtedly, the worst Security Company there is, 2 years to be entitled to 1 week vacation, and now they even want to take this week away? It sounds just like them! Committed to Excellence? What a joke!! Eventually they will keep losing more accounts than what they already have when their clients realize the kind of service which is being provided to them. After 40 years in the work force in different fields, there is not one Company that I have left despising so much as this one. What a shame for the few committed and dedicated Security Officers whom will eventually lose their jobs for sticking with this company. It is true, they do not care for their employees!

  20. I've said it time & time again that the problem with people in this country is that they believe that there is no ceiling to anything! This company/Ira Lipman is a perfect example of that unrealistic view of the way things are meant to be. Here we are going through one of the worst economic periods that this country has ever seen & ole "Uncle Ira" is doing everything he possibly can, including screw-over his employees, to ensure that he is able to report to the world that "Guardsmark see's record revenue for fiscal year 2008-2009!"

    Mr. Lipman personally has issued a mandatory maximum allowance of on .9%, THAT'S RIGHT 9/10 OF 1 PERCENT, of overtime for the entire GlaxoSmithkline account here in RTP, NC. This move directly effects the vacation request that have already been approved by manager and will cause the majority of future request to be denied. In short this means that if you have been approved to take vacation or plan to request vacation time off either "you" have to find someone who is non-overtime to work for you or you can not take your earned vacation time!! Now how much more dirty can you get than to require an unreasonable cap on overtime when you've cut/ran away part-time officers tremendously. Damn-near everyone that I know of at this account are full-time employees with the exception of a hand-full of weekend employees. By majority these people have full-time jobs that the work at thru the week, thus making them unavailable to work for people wishing to take their earned vacation time off. This is unreasonable, unfair, & unethical!

    I am very surprised that this company has yet to be thoroughly investigated by an some agency or at least by the media. At our account and at our branch office we have cut-throats as our Facility Account and Branch Manager. These 2 guys will crap on their mothers to ensure that they don't disappoint ole "Uncle Ira!" What bother's many of us is the fact that the branch manager came up thru the ranks and should have some compassion for the people in the field. Instead this guy allows his facility account manager, who by the way never worked security a day in his life, to disrespect & mistreat his field officers and facility account supervisor/site managers. This guy has single-handedly ran away some of the best officer & supervisors that this company I've seen in my 11 years.

    I'm not here to rag on Guardsmark because over-all it is a pretty good company to work for and I work with some of the best people that I've ever worked with, but things like this makes one feel that Guardsmark is just another shady company . None of the managers, upper nor in the field have the balls to simple report back to Memphis/Ira that this .9 OT max idea is unfair & unreasonable to his employees. I often wonder if the people to whom Guardsmark has the contract with would like to be associated with a company that screws-over it's own people….I DOUBT IT!!

  21. It is surprising to hear some still have a positive outlook towards the a company, staffed with incompetency to the highest degree and you wonder how this company still operates in an industry that is very competitive. I don't know about you but here in Colorado, the feeling that me and many have need some attention from the department of labor, this includes wrongful firing, discrimination due to your place of origin, questionable accounting practices( pay roll), nepotism and incompetence.

  22. I know a lot of Guardsmark employees and a family member works closely with them. Both the employees and my family member all think very highly of them. Every company has its problems but overall, I've been very impressed with what I have heard about them.

    1. I have been with Guardsmark for 3 years. I have been promoted to Site Supervisor for a big account.
      Just recently though, I was the victim of “Backstabbing of the first degree”. My Shift Supervisor manipulated another guard into filing a complaint against me. When I found this out, I confronted the guards involved to see how we could resolve the issue that they may have had. As I did so, it became heated on the part of the other guards(Shift Supervisor included), and I just lost it. I became a little more heated and warned of filing a defamation suit against them. Well, they called the manager in charge and I was forced to step down from my position, cut in pay, and humiliated. The Shift Supervisor got her way and was promoted to Site Supervisor the next day. This happens all to often. But I know it has opened my eyes, because of my prior experience in law enforcement, Corporate loss prevention, and receiving my degree in criminal justice, I moved on to bigger and better things. I now work in the justice field and make four times as much money and love what I do. Thanks Guardsmark!

      1. My son has been working for Guardsmark for 3 months, his first job.  He has learned very quickly of all the back stabbing that goes on with the workers at Guardsmark in the form of write-ups.  He’s learned he has to cover his back and not trust anyone in Guardsmark.  He’s learned quickly to become tough with his supervisors as his supervisors are always over stepping their authority.  Luckily he has me on his side, and shortly these people who work for Guardsmark, along with Guardsmark will be trying to remove a legal boot firmly implanted up their rear!

    1. Yes, they do not care about their employees. Most of the officers at our account have been with Guardsmark for at least two years without any raises whatsoever.

  23. I will tell you as former Guardsmark employee you are better off without them. Truth is that guardsmark will do enything to make a profit. If you have terrible Manegement at Ford Like we did At Coke Guardsmark will believe every lie that is told to them. THEY WILL NOT HEAR GRIEVENCES . They along with Coke trampled over all of thier employees rights

  24. Marvin Hutcherson is a good man and the lies that were stated about him watching porn was an attempt to take away from the fact that Guardsmark is a bad company, that does not value it's employee's or it's client and the attempt to smear a good man's name is a prime example.

  25. I currently work for Guardsmark out of the Las Vegas branch. I have been working with Guardsmark for almost 4years. I am originally from the south. Growing up in the south, I am use to the prejudice that exists on the job. My branch has been none for its' racial abuse toward black woman and same sex oriented people. What do you do? I filed a complaint in 2007 because my Lead Supervisor came to work and was calling me a "Dike" because I didn't talk to him about my sex life. I was harassed so badly. The office was constantly calling my house and my cell phone that I had to change my phone number. I have statements from other women that my supervisor was at the post using vulgar language against women. Nothing was ever done. I even called there corporate office who handles the complaints, Donna Smith, and she would not return my phone calls. So my experience was with the branch, which represents the company, so doesn't that mean Guardsmark should be held accountable for the actions of its Superiors who are in charge. I know that all branches are not the same. I have met a couple of transfers who liked where they use to work. Grant it, they had a good MIC. But my MIC, Tammy Nixon, is awful. I understand that people are given more than others in order to do great things, but when you have to step on those in order to be great, in the the end your world crumbles. Guardsmark has taken me as far as I can go and I totally appreciate just even having a job because I have accomplished many goals. Guardsmark was and is my stepping stone to be great. I appreciate the experience beacause when I have my own business I know from this experience the kind of positive influence that I plan to leave with my employees. If Ira Lipman ever reads this: Please don't send me that pitiful Christmas card of you and your rich family exploiting the fact that probably 80% of your employees do not get annual raises so you and your family can stay richer than rich.

  26. Blacksheep:

    Hey guy! Judge the company or industry. Making comments about religions or skin color shows you are nothing more than an ignorant bigot!

    You can't judge an entire company or industry based a few bad policies. Overall Guardsmark maintains the highest standards in the security industry.

    My company has used 3 different security vendors over the last 19 years. By far, Guardsmark has provided us with the best local managers and guards.

    I highly recommend Guardsmark to anyone who inquires!

    You sound like a bitter child who has been sent to the corner. It's probably time you grew up and took responsibility for your actions! Blaming everyone else for your lack of success will not work for ever!

  27. Artina I have to vehemently disagree with you. I am a member of the PPAN, and yes I was a former Ford guard. As for the "nobody voted for them" comment all I can say is when you entered into whichever Ford facitility you hapen to work at you fell under the umbrella of a union that had existed prior to your hiring. Without that union you'd be treated a helluva lot worse than you think you are now. Have you ever taken the time to attend any of the quarterly meetings of the PPAN. They're very informative and if you wished to have complaints addressed that aren't being satisified by your local union officials you can bring it up there.

    Unfortunately Guardsmark has created a atmosphere that encourages infighting among union members because they created a two tier pay system. It took the PPAN years to break a similiar system that Ford had in place and it'll likely take several contracts with guardsmark but that's no reason to trash your union without providing more concrete evidence that you're being "stepped on."

  28. Hey Mr. Marvin: If they let you go over the phone I'd say they did the right thing…since your car broke down! I heard you watched porn while on duty & they have it documented! By the way…it's Karma…and it's going to get you.

  29. Hi, until Monday I was dedicated employee in Indiana. I was fired over the phone on Monday because my car broke down and I couldn't get to work. Never had any writeup's or reprimands just through out like an unwanted dog. The supervisor Patrick Frasier is an admitted racist and liar and I might add an all around ass. But I'm a true believer in carma.

  30. Guardsmark makes some tricky moves that are not always in the best interest of the employee just as every other corporation does that is out their scrambling for business. It is fortunate that we have government protection in the form of the NLRB and the EEOC (to name a few) to step in and protect us from them. But be advised: THERE IS NO ONE WHO WILL PROTECT YOU FROM UNION ABUSE. They can do anything they want to, are not regulated by anybody and if you complain about them to units that 'claim' there are rules, you will be blown off and often the union will retaliate against you for it. Your employer can't help you (thanks to the government sanctions) and they also fear retaliation. Most unions are on the up and up but some are just fee collectors and clique centered 'big fellas' that harass dues payers not in their club and create a safe haven for the sorriest of workers. Some unions are good but have some really rotten corrupt locals thrown in with their organization. Before you vote a union in based on the big talk they give you up front, check on what they ACTUALLY DO after they start collecting those dues and how much they really respect ALL members and who they really look out for. And – seriously- I don't recommend PPAN. In Michigan it’s just a clique for former Ford guards and they revel in stepping on and harassing everybody else. The reps are all prior Ford guards that nobody voted for and the rest of the members get no meeting minutes, have no idea what their dues go toward, can't vote on anything, don't know anything about the membership or what its doing, among other unbelievable things. Formal complaints to these employee protection agencies yield no results and they 'fix' you for bringing it up. You can hardly find an attorney to represent you against them (one confided to me it's a waste of time, another told me he believes there is some statute that protects labor unions from civil suits, others point you towards the government agencies) so don't depend on the old system where people fought and died for our rights to form unions that would protect the little people – now it's all 'less work for more money' , political agendas, and egomania. CHECK OUT A UNION THOROUGHLY BEFORE YOU VOTE THEM IN!

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