Washington Post Unfair? So says CWA local..

I was leaving E Street today and entered the Metro Center metro station when I saw ads highlighting this website called Washingtonpostunfair.com. The ads are being paid for by CWA (Communications Workers of America) Local 14201. Basically the premise of this whole thing is that the Wasington Post writes about corporations mistreating their workers but in reality they also need to look in the mirror.

When I visited the website I found out more in the background section.

The 400 production workers at the Washington Post have not seen a wage increase in five years. Five years. For much of that time, since May 2003, the workers have been fighting for a fair labor contract. But the Post has been holding things up. And now the Post is after the workers’ employee-funded pension plan.

Most corporations are going after penstions because they have become “costly” to keep in the equation. But when you look at the money the paper makes you begin to ask exactly what is indeed costly to maintain. The high salaries of the few or the wages and benefits of the workers who really need these things?

But times aren’t tough for the Washington Post. In 2006, the company reported $324.5 million in profits, and Post executives rewarded themselves with millions in bonuses. 

I do like the tactic the the local is deploying. They’re going public to build support for their struggle. While this is not a new tactic it is one that should be done more often. They also have an online action you can partake in by going here and sending an email to the Post’s Ombudsman. You can also call the Post’s CEO Don Graham at 202-234-6000.

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