Wal-Mart Olberman’s worst person in the world

I was watching Countdown with Keith Olberman this evening when he talked about the disgusting and inhumane tactics of suing Deborah Shank. I think Wal-Mart was named worst person in the world actually. I’m always glad to see Wal-Mart getting the negative attention because they do deserve it. I’m also interested to see what will advise Wal-Mart to do to spin this.

Yet as disgusting as Wal-Mart and their executives in Bentonville are; if Wal-Mart were ever to implode someone would rise in their place and take the mantle of corporatist big-box scum. This is why I have to agree with Robert Reich in his book Supercapitalism when he states that there needs to be regulation and laws passed by government. As much as we hate and campaign against Wal-Mart we should be doing the same to lawmakers who allow corporations to do these things.

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