The evil that is Pfizer

Pfizer is not happy in just making their drugs unaffordable for Americans. Nope. They have to take their filthy hands to the continent of Africa to bleed those people as well.

In 1996, the company needed a human trial for what it hoped would be a pharmaceutical “blockbuster”, a broad spectrum antibiotic that could be taken in tablet form. The US-based company sent a team of its doctors into the Nigerian slum city of Kano in the midst of an appalling meningitis epidemic to perform what it calls a “humanitarian mission”. However the accusers claim it was an unlicensed medical trial on critically-ill children.

I don’t know how the board of directors of Pfizer can look themselves in the mirror and not be ashamed of what they see.

Eleven of the children died and many more, it is alleged, later suffered serious side-effects ranging from organ failure to brain damage. But with meningitis, cholera and measles still raging and crowds still queueing at the fence of the camp, the Pfizer team packed up after two weeks and left.

At least some justice has come out of this in the form of a 75 million dollar settlement.


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  1. Thebigmanofsteel said:

    Pfizer is a bunch of no good fuckers. They all deserve to burn in hell. The only people they care about r the stockholders, I have worked there for 13 years and am now being laid off to make their numbers look better. Talk about evil pfizer, they are the worst professionals I know. I hope some high up Pfizer employee reads this and realizes how many lives the have ruined. Fuck you pfizer

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