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Top Ten Meanest Cities (via Street Sense, DC)

Today I bought a copy of Street Sense here in DC and read about a rather disturbing trend. That trend is the rise in homelessness and it’s criminalization by cities around the country. In the article there was one fact that I also wanted to share. During one eleven-month period, Los Angeles spent $3.6 million

Why can’t NGO’s play with the USTR?

I found this post rather interesting. It would appear that there are corporations that object to NGO’s sitting on the ITAC and working with the United States Trade Representative. Two witnesses who function as ITAC chairmen testified that the increased presence of NGOs onMonogamy ITAC could dilute the effectiveness of the ITAC system, a claim

Why I like Dave Carroll

So I just read that United Airlines may have lost $180 million dollars because of the negative publicity surrounding their breaking a $3,500 Taylor guitar of Dave Carroll’s. Meanwhile, within four days of the song going online, the gathering thunderclouds of bad PR caused United Airlines‘ stock price to suffer a mid-flight stall, and it

e-Cigarettes? WTF?!!! What the hell?

  Tell me why do we allow products like “e-cigs” to be sold? The Food and Drug Administration has announced a warning on electronic cigarettes, also known as “e-cigarettes,” after a lab analysis found that they contain carcinogens and toxic chemicals such as diethylene glycol, an ingredient used in antifreeze that may be harmful to

Build windmills not more war planes

So we just heard that Congress has voted not to have Lockheed Martin build more F-22 fighter planes. In the Senate debate there was a question as to the amount of US manufacturing jobs that would be lost to the economy if funding for this order were denied. Lockheed Martin has estimated that work on