Want to buy a gun? With no background check? Go to a gun show!

Step right up! If you’re a criminal or just plain deranged and you want to get a gun without having to endure those “liberal” background checks go to a gun show! They’ll sell you just about anything you want. But all joking aside this has been going on for a very, very long time. The gun show loophole has been talked about for years. I’m glad that Bloomberg is trying to bring some new attention back to the issue. Maybe if he keeps this up we might get some federal legislation. While they’re at it how about a mini-documentary on the Iron Pipeline (I-95)?

4 thoughts on “Want to buy a gun? With no background check? Go to a gun show!

  1. We have a right to own guns… It is not the guns that hurt people but the people who purchase a gun with the intent to use them in an inappropriate manor. This is a bullshit video and is trying to prevent people from obtaining a gun that can provide enjoyment on the shooting range, protection and peace of min from criminals, and as collectors items for ones wealthy enough to do so.

    1. I’m not going to delete your comment as I welcome all input whether positive or negative. However there was no need for you to use the faux email handle by the name of “faggot@yahoo.com.” Was that necessary? It is a derogatory name used to degrade gay people. It is shameful that you would use it.

    2. We regulate the first amendment and we should regulate the second amendment. You have a right but it doesn’t mean that right cannot be regulated.

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