What the Fuck is wrong with the US Food Industry?

The latest action — the third recall announcement in two weeks for eggs — is bound to shake the confidence of consumers rattled by a succession of food safety scares in recent years, most prominently for foods like beef and lettuce.

The idea that half a billion suspect eggs have been circulating in the food supply comes as an embarrassment for the egg industry and federal regulators. New egg safety rules went into effect in July that the Food and Drug Administration had said would prevent tens of thousands of salmonella illnesses a year.

via Second Iowa Producer Recalls 170 Million Eggs – NYTimes.com.

First watch Food Inc if you have not already.

Now I’ve never been one to curse but I am starting to see the tactical purpose of well placed F words when referrng to corporate America. With that said what is wrong with your food industry? Eggs with salmonella, beeef and lettuce with E. coli? I mean what the hell man?!

Do the American people even care about what is going into their bodies anymore? Granted, we can’t control everything but this is blatant. The hatred in this country by the poweful towards government regulation is klling people. For years we have had a feckless Food and Drug Administration we could have tea parties about this for years!

One thought on “What the Fuck is wrong with the US Food Industry?

  1. More people should become vegans…no more slaughter houses, no more feeding helpess animals corn feed (which produces the deadly E.Coli strain created in cows by not giving them grass), no more oppressing, abusing and exploiting the earth,  animals and other humans.  Let’s screw the food system and stick to natural foods that you can cook at home without meat…it’s not that difficult to do. Try going vegan for a week and see the difference 🙂

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