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Cut head start? Sure. Cut NASCAR? No. Say Republicans

Cut head start? Sure. Cut NASCAR? No. Say Republicans

This is what it all comes down to give welfare to corporations but don’t help real people. You can easily beat a Republican at their own game by using their own ideology or party line against them. Their mantra is we can cut everything except for the programs and funding of items they like. Enter

Rush Limbaugh, Hannity and O’Reilly are union members

So let me get this straight they hate “unions” but are still members of one? As it turns out, all three of them belong to the American Federation Television and Radio Artists union (AFTRA), which is the AFL-CIO affiliate for television and broadcast workers. So why don’t they leave if they hate unions so much?

NEA-Retired Supports Wisconsin Workers

From a friend of mine: This is a picture of Mary’s Marauders, a loyal group of our retired members who are always ready and willing to answer the call. This was at a support Wisconsin (and US!) labor rally this Tuesday at our state capitol. We have more pics on our website. I thought this