Cut head start? Sure. Cut NASCAR? No. Say Republicans

This is what it all comes down to give welfare to corporations but don’t help real people. You can easily beat a Republican at their own game by using their own ideology or party line against them. Their mantra is we can cut everything except for the programs and funding of items they like.

Enter NASCAR –

McCollum filed an amendment this month to prohibit the Defense Department from spending money to sponsor NASCAR teams, saying it’s a poor use of money given the other cuts the House was making. The amendment came as the House, led by Republicans, spent days wrestling with $60 billion in cuts to the current fiscal year’s budget.

In the days before the vote, her office logged angry calls from across NASCAR country. "There were some people that were very upset," McCollum said.

She also received a threatening and racist fax, which received widespread media attention and is being investigated by the U.S. Capitol Police. But her chief of staff said the office also received a lot of calls from tea party supporters who backed McCollum’s amendment.

This is the same thinking that would cut funding to public education but provide vouchers for private schools. The taxpayer is still paying. Of course if everyone paid their fare share like corporations then we would not have to cut as much.


2 thoughts on “Cut head start? Sure. Cut NASCAR? No. Say Republicans

  1. Great post, you hit the nail on the head. The GOP philosophy towards budget cuts would be funny if it didn’t have such devastating effects on Americans.

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