Monthly Archives: May 2011

Lead poisoning in China’s battery factories

Yep this is what happens when you offshore manufacturing. You get lax regulations. About 74 people have been detained this year after reports that more than 100 people were affected by lead and cadmium poisoning. Reports from China suggests hundreds of factories have been closed as a result of efforts to tackle poisoning. It does

Great farming bill passed by the NY State Senate

I think it’s great that the state is trying to help local farmers more easily transport food throughout the state. I mean local farmers and not agribusinesses. On May 23, the Senate passed bill S.614-b/A.1389-a, which was introduced by Sen. Jeffrey Klein, D-Morris Park and would allow the Urban Development Corp. and the Empire State

The Obama Administration on Illegal Immigration

The administration is actually doing what people have been asking the government to do for a long time. Instead of going after illegal immigrants go after the employers who hire and a lot of the times exploit them. After months of criticism from Republicans who said President Obama was relaxing immigration enforcement in workplaces, the

Unions heart Oprah and she hearts them back

  For all these years one word comes to mind and that word is class. Oprah Winfrey is a class act. I didn’t watch the show much but even as an adolescent in the 80’s all the way through my early adult hood (my 20’s) in the 00’s, Oprah was always a force for good

In America we build jails not schools

There’s no funding for public education but there sure seems to be enough to keep jails going. The superintendent, Nathan Bootz, noted to local newspaper the Gratiot County Scribe that the state hadn’t taken funding from prisons. In fact, some of the eliminated school funding would be redistributed to boost prison funds. The superintendent is

No more trade deals and no more WTO

Now the WTO is interfering with how we label beef. You can tell this was a bad move because the Cattleman’s Beef Association loves the ruling. I bet they love E. coli too. These people are responsible for Barbara Kowalcyk’s two year old son dying from E. coli. Consumers, ranchers, farmers and legislators worked hard