In good conscience could we really repeal Roe? We cannot.

We dont know what Keenans abortion experience was like. She could, like many women who ended up injured or dead from abortions in that era, have tried to self-induce. Douching with soap or bleach was a “common and frequently fatal method,” though there were many others, according to Leslie Reagans book “When Abortion Was a Crime.” Big city hospitals treated thousands of women each year for often brutal injuries related to illegal abortions. By the early 1960s, as childbirth became safer, abortion-related deaths made up nearly half of the entire maternal mortality rate in New York City, according to one study.

via The abortion that Mitt doesnt talk about anymore – War Room –

This is absolutely terrifying and horrible. We cannot allow this country to return to the day’s of Mitt Romney’s youth! This is barbaric. It must have been like living under the Taliban for a woman back then.

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