Working on Thanksgiving for Target probably sucks

Ever since I left retail hell as a young twenty-something over a decade ago, my anti-consumerist & anti-corporate feelings have only intensified. Every year I shudder in disbelief as throngs of possessed people kick down doors on Black Friday to get at the latest “deals.” In some cases people have been killed as the shoppers trample over their fellow-man like a herd of wild elephants running from a mouse.

This is why I can’t help but agree with people wanting Target to revert back to the 5 am opening on Black Friday instead of making their employees come in at 11 pm on Thanksgiving Day. Personally, I’d rather support Buy Nothing Day and not even take part in Black Friday at all, but nonetheless there’s no reason to open the stores on Thanksgiving.

In our consumerist culture, marketers and retailers fuel the herd. Now don’t get me wrong I love my gadgets and etc. but I’m tired of being told what is the hot item that I absolutely must have. I don’t want to be the one waiting in line for the newest Wii or iPhone. I definitely don’t want to be the person waking up at four am to wait in line for the chance to acquire said device for a low price. If it’s a good product and I have a need or want for it then I’ll consider purchasing it if it’s something I can afford. But I refuse to become obsessed with getting it at all costs.

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