Occupy Christmas


I can hear the Faux News hot air balloons and their “war on Christmas” now. “Those radical secular liberals and their war on Christmas!” Alas, Adbusters the folks who have given us Buy Nothing Day and Occupy Everything now seek to have us Occupy Christmas.

The ideas for Occupy Christmas, which Lasn likens to “shenanigans,” include:

— a Santa sit-in, whereby protesters sit outside a store and encourage people to cut up their credit cards;

— a Jesus walk, where people put on a mask in the Holy Son’s likeness and walk through malls, to create an eerie sentiment;

— a “whirly mart,” in which would-be shoppers fill their carts with products but abandon them at the cash register.

I do like the shopping cart abandonment tactic. It reminds me of some of the actions Saul Alinsky outlined in Rules for Radicals.

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