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New California Law Takes on Corporations and Slavery

New California Law Takes on Corporations and Slavery

  So this new law will put corporations based in the golden state on notice when it comes to slavery and human trafficking. They will have to disclose what they are doing to ensure their global supply chains are free of these evils. Companies risk getting sued by the state attorney general if they flout

The perversion of the word organic

  Oh, you’ve got to buy this because it’s ORGANIC! You are sticking it to the man! You know those big corporate behemoths with their factory farms and government subsidies. Just keep on buying things with the USDA Organic label and you’ll be fine. Right? It’s not that easy unfortunately. But even as more Americans

Pepsi fights to keep your kids fat and unhealthy

  PepsiCo spends about three million dollars annually to lobby the federal government. Let’s just say they are not lobbying the federal government for help to make their products healthier. What they are trying to do is ensure that any proposed childhood obesity legislation would be in the industry’s favor. They are also very concerned

The Green Energy Trade War

  I’ve said this a few times already. I don’t know why we allow the government to import wind turbines and solar panels when they should be manufactured in the United States. At least some of the industries involved in making these items are starting to ask for tariffs. The allegations are much like the

Pacifica Radio raided workers’ pension fund. Shame

Say it isn’t so. Pacifica Radio the home of shows like Democracy Now! has done something sinister. Throughout the years I’ve had nothing but the utmost respect for Pacifica Radio and its stations spread throughout the nation. I listened to WBAI in New York for years until I moved to DC where WPFW broadcasts. Pacifica

The Oscar will stay American made

  Honestly, it would really be sad if this were to ever change, especially since Hollywood has two high-profile unions in the Screen Actors Guild and the Writers Guild of America.  With that said, Teamsters Local 743 has secured their first new wages in four years. From their press release. Fifty Teamsters with R.S. Owens &