Victoria’s Secret is that they love them some child labor

So what’s the hottest thing in the Victoria’s Secret catalog? If you were thinking it was one of the company’s top models like Alessandra Ambrosio you would be wrong. The hottest item, the item that the company must have above all else is the cotton grown by children.

Forced labor and child labor aren’t new to African farms. Clarisse’s cotton, the product of both, is supposed to be different. It’s certified as organic and fair trade, and so should be free of such practices.

Planted when Clarisse was 12, all of Burkina Faso’s organic crop from last season was bought by Victoria’s Secret (LTD), according to Georges Guebre, leader of the country’s organic and fair- trade program, and Tobias Meier, head of fair trade for Helvetas Swiss Intercooperation, a Zurich-based development organization that set up the program and has helped market the cotton to global buyers. Meier says Victoria’s Secret also was expected to get most of this season’s organic harvest, Bloomberg Markets magazine reports in its February issue.

What a shame. Can you imagine all the people wearing these items thinking that there is nothing wrong with the way the material was sourced? The words “organic” and “fair trade” have been degraded and perverted.

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