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Facebook third world contractor employee strikes back.

Facebook third world contractor employee strikes back.

Now I’m not condoning what the employee of a third world contractor that Facebook employs did in releasing sensitive information, but this is what happens when you have people working in rough conditions. A secret list curated by social network giant Facebook was published online recently after an employee for one of the company’s third-world

Scott Walker’s terror campaign spreads to Spain

Using the catch-all excuse of austerity, Spain’s government is echoing that of Britain and Wisconsin’s governor Walker to roll back collective bargaining rights along with other laws that protected Spain’s workers. In echoes of Wisconsin, the labor ‘reforms’ proposed by Spain’s conservative government would make it easier for companies to fire workers and pull out

So why don’t we listen to small business owners?

  Instead of allowing the GOP and the NFIB to co-opt the voice of the small business owner; why don’t we actually listen to what the real ones have to say? From the Atlantic Magazine: As a business owner, I can tell you my challenge today is not policy uncertainty, tax liability or regulation. It’s

Wal-Mart unleashes terror campaign at Elwood Warehouse

  When a warehouse in Elwood, IL violated Wal-Mart’s own ethics policies and denied workers the wages they have earned; instead of bringing justice to the situation Wal-Mart fired all 65 employees and let their contractor off scott-free. This occurred after the warehouse workers sued the contractor for wage theft. Determined not to take it

Principal in Philly encouraged cheating

This is the problem with the current mindset of education reform that has set in since the era of the Bush administration’s No Child Left Behind. When the utmost effort is made to solely judge teachers and schools by test scores, you’ll end up with principals promoting cheating like this story talks about. And a