Monthly Archives: February 2012

Taco Bell and the CDC cover up

  It’s truly a shame and a danger to the public when a government agency refuses to disclose a restaurant chain who is responsible for numerous salmonella outbreaks over the years. Even once Food Safety News made the finding public, the CDC maintained its code of omerta. Taco Bell, which the CDC found to have

The commercialization of breast cancer

  Turns out the first woman to devise a breast cancer ribbon for grassroots movement building was right not to sell out, as this Washington Post column details. Soon after she introduced her creation to the world, big business came calling — specifically, representatives of Conde Nast’s Self magazine and international cosmetics company Estee Lauder,

Obama: Five years ago today. We remember!

  It seems just like yesterday, we were in the 2008 campaign and about to make history as a nation. Today, I’m still proud to call Barack Obama my president. We’ve had our ups and downs and the progressive community hasn’t gotten everything we wanted, but I’m glad Obama has been able to achieve what

Your bacon might explode

  Factory farming is disgusting; I’ve seen too many documentaries to ever believe otherwise. For example, while Smithfield finally relented and allowed a union in to its Tar Hell, NC plant; I bet they still keep the animals in conditions that are less than desirable. I bet other major producers like Tyson and Purdue are

Will we all miss The New York Times when it’s gone?

  I remember Seymour Hersh once talking about the importance of The New York Times, even though he had issues with how the paper was run. He felt that it needed to be preserved. I think the majority of us realize the importance of the New York Times as the journal of record. As we

Jared Bernstein tells Romney Econs put up or shut up

  OK so he didn’t really say it that way, but that is what I got from his latest blog post. Gov Romney’s got real economists on his team.  If he wants to make the case that things would be better if we followed his plan—which actually looks pretty Hoover’esque to me—explicitly anti-stimulus re jobs

Ugly: Aveda has some labor issues

Shame on you Aveda! Who would have thought that the lovely people I often see at the Green Festival in DC that are from the Aveda Institute, work for some cruel higher-ups? The AFL-CIO has the dirt on Aveda: Aveda’s image as a socially and environmentally responsible company is outstanding. In Portland, Ore., however, the