DNC convention in RTW State – Would it have happened under Dean DNC?

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Now, one set of donors the party was banking on—organized labor—says it won’t help pay for the event or will scale back contributions, partly because it is upset that the convention will be in a state considered unfriendly to unions.

via Democratic Convention Fundraising Lags – WSJ.com.

It was a foolish move to have held the convention in North Carolina in the first place. Can you honestly blame the AFL-CIO and others for not wanting to give to this convention? Now I applaud the DNC for not allowing corporate donations, but you alienated yourself from what should be your natural allies. There’s a reason why Trumka said earlier last year that the AFL-CIO would no longer just march in lockstep with the Democrats. Looks like the party is going to find out what that means.


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  1. Phil Perspective said:

    Looks like the party is going to find out what that means.

    Will labor stick to its guns?  The one problem labor has is it needs to either start running candidates in races, or significantly funding primaries to incumbent candidates.