Budget cuts have real life consequences, Mayor Bloomberg.

The Mayor of New York City has a new budget. In this budget he cuts seven million dollars for LGBT youth services. To most people this may just sound like a number, but behind this number, real human lives are affected.

Here is one account from an LGBT youth in NYC:

I am currently homeless in NYC and my bed is provided for by the Ali Forney Center. If Mayor Bloomberg’s budget goes through, there is a good chance that I will end up back on the street or into a shelter where I’m likely to face constant harassment and probably violence. (That is not a hypothetical, I know a lot of people who have been attacked in city shelters.)

Seven million dollars means the eradication of one hundred and sixty beds. Now I don’t think the mayor a cruel person. I don’t like his viewpoint on the Occupy movement, but he’s given a lot to Planned Parenthood. I just wonder if politicians actually think through their policies entirely. Do they actually try to the envision the people that might be impacted by their fiscal policies? There’s always money for wars and other things, but there never seems to be enough for people.

Comparatively speaking what percentage of seven million dollars makes up the budget of a city as large as New York? I’m sure homeland security for the city must be funded in the tens of millions.

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