A conservative who understands unions have a use

Today I got this comment on an ongoing thread tied to a post I wrote years ago about Guardsmark. It seems this corporation hasn’t changed a bit.

Padraig’s Ghost wrote:

Guardsmark just took over my former employer’s account and displaced fulltime security officers and receptionists, who on average had over 20 years with the company and were making 20 plus dollars an hour with 13 dollar an hour idiots. The account manager will make $50,000 a year. The average security officer made more than that! Also they are requiring detailed information from anyone wanting to stay in violation of their HIPPA rights! I have forwarded this information to the SEIU local for urgent action! I am a conservative person, but unions have their uses and this is a case were they are badly needed!

Of course unions have a use! That’s all they’re trying to say! Their use is to stand for people who work and represent them the best that they can. I hope that SEIU local can help him organize.

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