Would Ken Cuccinelli investigate VA corporation selling "Trayvon Targets?"

Now I know that Ken Cuccinelli is a radical conservative hack. He’s a Tea Party darling and is positioning himself to run for governor of Virginia. He launches unnecessary investigations using the Virginia treasury as his own piggy bank to go after President Obama’s policies. But would he actually investigate a corporation selling mean spirited merchandise? You know, something that really pertains to his job?

The Hiller Armament Company of Virginia has been selling "Trayvon Targets" for shooting practice, complete with a black hoodie, Skittles, and an ice tea.

It is utterly vile AND potentially illegal. Virginia law "Prohibits the unauthorized use of a person’s name, portrait or picture for advertising or trade purposes. The right continues for 20 years after death."

You can sign the Change.org petition to Cuccinelli here.

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