US Trade Representative’s Office out of step with the American people

Ron Kirk is a person who flies under the radar in the Washington press corps. You don’t hear his name mentioned a lot by the likes of Chris Matthews and others. It’s probably because trade issues aren’t sexy enough I suppose. Well, other than during presidential campaigns  when NAFTA was actually discussed because Obama criticized what Clinton had supported.

But the question to ask is this: how is some of the trade deals under this administration any worse than NAFTA? Just look at what the USTR wants to do with Trans-Pacific Partnerships.

69 Members of Congress (68 democrats and one republican) sent a letter to President Obama urging him to reconsider US proposals for the TPP that would effectively ban popular Buy American and buy local government contracting policies. An article in the Huffington Post called it a congressional “revolt”.

See that? You even got one Republican to actually care! As to Ron Kirk my question is: why are you kneecapping domestic manufacturers with your TPP deal? Is there some grand scheme that you’re pursuing?

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