Red Cross: Making victims out of their employees

What a shame that a non-governmental organization; known to be there, wherever a disaster may fall, is creating a catastrophe for their own employees.

He was referring to the union discovery of American Red Cross “internal documents” that detailed the plan to deny the union’s right to bargain collectively. Mike Parker, Teamsters Local 580 secretary treasurer, said the Red Cross wants to take away bargaining rights for health care, have the ability to raise health care premiums at any time without bargaining with the union, and implement a benefits package at or below what non-union employees receive, in order to discourage union membership. Since the strike began, management has only committed to three hours of talks per bargaining unit.

What’s worse about this whole thing is the fact that the Red Cross is a not for profit. You would think that they would not be into union-busting. Leave that to corporations like Wal-Mart and Target!

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