Conservatives are scaring you on the “fiscal cliff”

I just got an email from OMB Watch that linked to an article on the conservative hype around the fiscal cliff.

Congressional conservatives have revealed their negotiating strategy for dealing with the fiscal cliff slope: scare the public and congressional Democrats into a deal that reduces the deficit through spending cuts alone. These fears have been blown out of proportion. A fiscal Armageddon will not happen on Jan. 1, 2013.

I shouldn’t be surprised by this and I’m glad that the word has the chance to get out about the conservative’s foul tactics. The Republicans in Congress are crying out that the Democrats efforts to let income tax levels rise to what they were in the Clinton-era for the elite is tantamount to some odd thing they call “Thelma and Louise politics.” What does that even mean? Is that something that Frank Luntz has told Boehner and McConnell to say?

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