National March on Washington for Gun Control Set for Jan. 26th

Since the Aurora, Colorado shooting I for one have been wondering when a march on Washington for gun control might become a reality. Sadly, after the defining moment of the the Newtown incident, it seems that the moment for such a march is needed now more than ever.

It is with this in mind that I’m glad to have learned of an effort to organize a march on Washington for gun control. The lead organizer of the march appears to be Molly Smith. She is the artistic director of Arena Stage in Washington D.C. The webpage that is the locus for all of the organizing would appear to be this Facebook event page.

From the event page:

The march will progress from the NE quadrant of the Washington Monument, to Constitution Avenue, Pennsylvania Ave, and end at the Reflecting Pool in front of the Capitol Building with speeches and music.

If you are on Twitter then you can also follow @GunCtrlMarch. The organizers of the rally are also trying to raise fifty thousand dollars. So far they are slowly building support and are really on their game when it comes to social media which I am glad to see.

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