Tweet of the day. Sad conservative inauguration edition

As I watched the days festivities from Arlington, VA. A thought crossed my mind, there are many  today who are not celebrating the inauguration of President Barrack Obama. They are the conservatives whose hatred for the president cannot be changed. They won in 2010 and took control of the House when there was low voter turnout, but suffered a huge defeat last year when Mitt Romney lost in November. Right now they are still licking their wounds in fervid opposition. In fact, even on the day the president was being sworn in the first time, Republicans were meeting to discuss how to oppose him on everything. The conservative movement and the Republican Party have never sought to cooperate and work with the president whatsoever.

This recent loss should act as a reality check. Demographically the country  has been changing ever since the 90’s. We will soon become a majority “minority” nation and my generation is very tolerant on social issues–whether they be abortion, religion or sexual orientation. People just don’t want to be that conservative anymore especially when the things you’re trying to conserve is bias and intolerance.

When it comes to economic matters the majority of the country favors spending on social programs while conservatives do not. As far as guns are concerned a majority of Americans support stricter gun control measures. In the end I’m not saying that America is more liberal or conservative. What I am saying is that America is much closer to the center and the modern Republican Party much too far to the right.

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