If you work for a living don’t elect Republicans and corporate Dems. Stop right to work bills.

Ohio organized to fight off the right to work bills that Republicans attempted to pass this year.

Ohio AFL-CIO President Tim Burga said:

“Those backing so-called right-to-work say it’s about individual freedom, but passing legislation that gives more power to corporations to ship our jobs overseas, takes away protections for whistleblowers, reduces pay, benefits and retiree security from all doesn’t sound like ‘freedom’ for workers. This is nothing but a corporate power grab that will hurt not only workers, but entire communities and hurt our fragile economy. This is just SB 5 recycled, and Ohioans overwhelmingly said ‘NO’ to that last year!”

The problem with all of this is voter education. Working people should never vote to elect Republicans locally or nationally. They don’t care about the middle class or the working poor or anyone out of work. An elected Republican is like a cockroach, you think you’ve killed them off but they survive and just keep on coming back. So guess what? Organized labor will have to remain vigilant because as long as these people are in office they will attempt to pass right to work bills again. So the next time you as a working person goes to vote think about that.

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