Canada’s conservatives trying to eliminate card check

I don’t care what country you’re from. If you are a conservative then most likely you’re a piece of garbage.

Here’s why card check is important:

“For one,” he said, “it can be difficult to organize votes for bargaining units spread across the country and transport sector employees are regularly in different places. More importantly, the card-check process protects workers from intimidation. It’s widely understood – confirmed by many academic studies – that secret-ballot workplace votes reduce union certification as they give employers an opportunity to intimidate employees through compulsory anti-union meetings and implicit threats of job loss.”

The bill that’s working its way through the Canadian government also makes it easier to get a union decertified. It’s as if the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) were moonlighting up north!

via Canada’s conservative government presses anti-union bill » peoplesworld.

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