Papa John’s hurt by anti-Obamacare politics

As soon as I learned that John Schnatter had confessed his hatred of Obamacare and was going to cut his workers hours because of it I stopped ordering pizza from Papa John’s. It turns out that I was not the only one.

It turns out, the pizza eating public did not approve. Indeed, so serious was the reaction that Schnatter was forced to publish an op-ed piece where he sought to convince us that he never really intended to cut back worker hours but had simply been speculating on what he might do in response to the legislation.

I will probably never return to ordering pizza from that institution. I’d rather support local pizza places now. This incident has also taught me that while corporations have been brutal towards their workers they can still be held accountable by the marketplace. While the marketplace is not a good substitute for the law at least it can be effective.

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