Blue Moon and Craft Beers

Found a really interesting piece on Alternet about MillerCoors and one of its brands Blue Moon. I’ve known that the name Coors is synonymous with right-wing evil  for many years now. Yet, I find the fight to get their Blue Moon label some love from the craft beer community entertaining.

To be considered a craft beer you have to be everything that Coors isn’t:

These marketing gambits, though, are just the beginning of the reasons why MillerCoors – and by extension Blue Moon – is a company to avoid. Unlike true craft brewers, many of whom have a deep commitment to their employees, their communities and the environment, members of the Coors family have been accused of fighting against the interests of their own workerswomenminorities and the environment for decades.

The real definition of what a craft beer is from the Brewers Association states that you can’t be making more than six million barrels per year. As far as ownership goes a non craft beer owner can only have a 25 percent stake in your company. Lastly, you actually have to make good beer and not use filler ingredients.

I’m sorry that I can’t drink alcohol (I take an SSRI) because there are some great craft beers out there that I’d want to try instead of Blue Moon like Sierra Nevada or Fat Tire.

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