Protesting Luxury Housing in NYC

It’s about time that communities demand more from real estate developers than the status quo of gentrification and the displacement that comes with it. What’s worse is when this displacement is subsidized with tax payer money.

Take a look at what’s happening in hipster-laden, gentrified Brooklyn:

“We’re here for affordable housing, good jobs, and responsible development,” Local 79 organizer Lenny Anselmo said, as about 100 people assembled in front of the 42-story Avalon Fort Greene building. “If they’re going to use taxpayers’ money, they should use union labor, and people should be able to afford to live here. I make a decent living, and I can’t afford to live in these places.

This is happening all over the country, even in Arlington, VA where I live currently. On Columbia Pike all developers like B.M. Smith seem to be building is luxury apartments. They’re about to shut down a local coffee shop so that they can raise it’s building to put yet another luxury apartment complex on its grounds.

Photo by dpstyles™

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