People Power: How W. VA got clean water to its residents

Quite remarkable but I would never underestimate the will of the people to act when the going gets rough. After Freedom Industries spilled a large amount of toxic chemicals into the state’s water supply, the word went out that people needed to refrain from using the water.

It was left to the people to fend for themselves.

The group WV Clean Water Hub began as a few friends buying bottled water and using a Facebook page to coordinate deliveries to their neighbors, with support from local environmental groups. Before long, online donations started coming in from across the country and dozens of volunteers showed up to lend their help. WV Clean Water Hub estimates that it delivered 17,000 gallons of water to hundreds of residents, many of whom live in remote areas that the traditional relief organizations neglect.

You can also find this type of spirit in Rebecca Solnit’s book A Paradise Built in Hell.

Photo by Mike Licht,

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