Why is the US forcing the EU to import tarsands oil?

I just find it ridiculous that the United States would seek to change policy in Europe on behalf of the fossil fuel industry. Next they’ll be trying to weaken the EU’s import laws to allow the export more of RJ Reynolds tobacco products or Monsatno’s franken-seeds onto the continent.

They want the EU to fully embrace the importation of tarsands oil:

“These documents show that the U.S. is simply not interested in an open, transparent [negotiation] process,” Bill Waren, a senior trade analyst with Friends of the Earth U.S., a watchdog group, told IPS. “Rather, U.S. representatives have been lobbying on the [E.U. regulatory proposal] in a way that reflects the interests of Chevron, ExxonMobil and others.”

There is already 570,000 gallons of tarsands oil headed to Europe. The United States’s corrupt trade policy is seeking to destroy not only this country but the entire world. The truly sad thing is that the efforts of the U.S. Trade Representative go against President Obama’s climate policy.

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