Chomsky on the U.S. public education system

I’d hate to be a kid in the public education system today. Especially if you’re from a low income area. The privatization of education is having a corrosive effect on students today. The obsession on standardized testing and charter schools must be stopped and here’s why.

Here’s Noam Chomsky’s take on our education system.

Chomsky: Well, you may know better than I do. I see the schools only from a distance, but my feeling is, it’s basically correct. I don’t think Duncan and those guys are saying, “Let’s instill capitalist values.” I think what they want to do is instill discipline, obedience and passivity. We’re going to say this is what you have to know to repeat at age 7, at age 10, at age 12. And if you can repeat those things, you go on ahead. If a kid decides “I don’t want to do that. I want to study something else,” you have to stop them.

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