Andrew Cuomo is worse than a Republican

I’m really sorry to hear Andrew Cuomo come out and support the neoliberal line on education in America.

“Governor Cuomo is wrong on this one,” the W.F.P.’s state director Bill Lipton said in a statement to Capital.

“His proposed policies on public education will weaken, not strengthen our public education system, and they would represent a step away from the principle of high quality public education for all students. High stakes testing and competition are not the answer. Investment in the future is the answer, and that means progressive taxation and adequate resources for our schools.”

Earlier this week Cuomo told the Daily News editorial board that, if he’s re-elected, he intends to “to break what is in essence one of the only remaining public monopolies,” vowing to challenge public school teachers by supporting stricter teacher evaluations and competition from charter schools.

Reed Hastings, Bill Gates and all these other Silicon Valley tech entrepreneurs know nothing about education in this country. They want to turn education into a commodity to be corporatized, hence their love affair with charter schools–the thing that Andrew Cuomo heavily supports. They seek to measure the performance of charter schools using corporate standards that focus on profit and efficiency, which when applied in a classroom setting creates misery as teachers are forced to focus on constant testing instead of students actually learning. Students are made to sit in front of computers for long stretches of time instead of receiving actual instruction from a teacher in the case of Hastings’s Rocketship charter schools.

Think about it: there’s a reason why charter schools remain less prevalent in places like Scarsdale or Edgemont, NY than in low-income areas of New York City. The parents of the well-to-do want good public schools (albeit union free in some cases unfortunatley) not what charter schools have to offer.

As far as Cuomo goes the reason he’s worse than a Republican is because at least with a Republican you know that they’re terrible; being in the Democratic Party gives Cuomo cover to attack liberal and progressive ideals while in office. While he was Attorney General I think Andrew Cuomo did a decent job but when you assume the powers of the executive only then can people see what your true ideology and intentions are.

Photo by New York National Guard

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