How to fight cities who ban food sharing

If you live in one of the municipalities whose conservative terrorists have decided to ban food sharing aka feeding the homeless; here’s a way that you can think about fighting back and subverting their intentions.

Why doesn’t someone create a food sharing app? Think of it as the Uber of food sharing. Someone with a lot of food to share would be able to post to the web either via a website or smartphone app a location and time that they’d be able to disburse their food. The site could be open only to verified users, that way the wrong people aren’t able to easily locate these areas. Of course those who are in need of food assistance don’t necessarily have access to the Internet via phones, tablets or computers but at least the information would be more distributed and more people could find out by word of mouth.

It’s just an idea. But in the end the real issue is the nastiness of these cities to ban food sharing in the first place.

Photo by USDAgov

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