So you lost a midterm election

As bad as things may seem remember a few things. A lot of the seats that were up for grabs were in conservative states. I can’t fathom why Maryland would elect a Republican governor but oh well.

The truth is that both political parties are miserable failures. Progressives work hard to elect Democrats because the Democrats are the lesser of two evils. On social issues Democrats are way more liberal and un-draconian and regressive, but on economic issues they aren’t that great.

Neoliberalism is the ideology that both major political parties subscribe to. The Obama administration is pushing some of the worst trade deals we’ve seen since NAFTA and CAFTA. When it comes to war and the defense industry the parties can sometimes be indistinguishable. Let’s not forget why we can’t seriously get anything done on climate change. The truth is that the real problem is money in politics and until you do something about that we’ll continue to have rule by the elite.

So work with people like Lawrence Lessig and Rootstrikers to get the money out of politics altogether. Elections should be publicly funded it’s the only way to ensure that politicians aren’t influenced by special interests. Sure even with money taken out of the picture there might still be candidates who favor corporatism, neoliberalism and all the nasty things that conservatives stand for, but when elections are publicly funded it changes the dynamic of campaigns completely. People aren’t flooded with waves of propaganda for starters.

You can also start to seriously look at third parties like the Green Party and the Working Families Party.

Photo by Coventry City Council

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