Obama’s veto pen

Now that the Republican Party controls both houses of the United State Congress, people are expecting President Obama to unsheathe the veto sword and charge into battle.

An article in The Nation. magazine referring to a past era with similarities to yesterday’s election results mentioned this tidbit about Truman’s expected use of his veto pen after Republicans took both houses.

If he uses the veto, and the threat of the veto, with shrewdness and courage, he may get better results from an opposition Congress than from an undisciplined mob of legislators only theoretically controlled by his own party. He has the choice of taking a strong lead, with the hope of preserving the prestige of his office and his party, or of allowing the government to wallow for two years in uncertainty—with sure defeat at the end of the road and something like national paralysis en route.

So if the Republicans actually plan to govern instead of obstructing this might be a good opportunity for the president to get some things done instead of having gridlock. He can use the threat of a veto to shape legislation a little bit more to his liking.

Or we’ll just continue to have gridlock and this highlights the main problem with Congress ever since the GOP has controlled the House and have been stymieing things in the Senate. A someone recently said, President Obama could come out against third degree burns and you’d have Republicans lining up to douse themselves in flames.

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