Gilberto Soto: What is the US government doing to investigate his murder?

Gilberto Soto was an American citizen. He was a union organizer with the Teamsters in New Jersey. Mr. Soto was murdered ten years ago while visiting his family in El Salvador. Throughout the years it’s been widely reported that Latin American countries, especially those with right wing governments are extremely hostile and deadly to organized labor. For Mr. Soto this proved to be true even though he was a union leader visiting from another country entirely. Once word got out that he was seeking to speak with local truck drivers currently engaged in a labor fight with the Salvadoran government, Gilberto Soto became a target and was assassinated.

With that said what is the United States doing to investigate the murder of one of its citizens? Shouldn’t the FBI be involved? Have they done anything? Are the Teamsters the only ones fighting to get justice here? It’s been ten years already.

Photo by arellis49

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