Vermont! Fight for single-payer healthcare it’s in danger!

It looks like Governor Shumlin is wavering in his support for the proposed single-payer health plan for the state of Vermont.

From the Vermont Worker’s Center quoting the Rutland Hearld:

“At his Wednesday news conference, Shumlin seemed to retreat from his steadfast commitment to a single-payer health care proposal, now promising to continue reform efforts for universal, affordable and quality health care but not mentioning single payer.”

If you live in Vermont you might want to call the governor and put pressure on him to keep fighting for the single-payer system.

Call Governor Shumlin today at: 802-828-3333

Tell him: “Healthcare is a Human Right – Stay on track towards a universal, publicly financed healthcare system for Vermont!”

You can also email Governor Shumlin here.

Photo by Third Way

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