This is why progressive law groups are important

Recently, Republicans in Pennsylvania passed a law that would prevent prisoners from having their voices heard in public. They did this under the guise of supposedly aiding the victims of violent crime and their immediate family. This law was passed in light of the graduates of Goddard College in Vermont selecting Mumia Abu-Jamal as their commencement speaker. Whether you believe in Jamal’s innocence and unjust imprisonment or you don’t; silencing people like this goes against the ideals of free speech.

The Center for Constitutional Rights and the ACLU are have took up the fight against this law in Pennsylvania. This is why progressive law groups are so important to our democracy.

Besides the law organizations that protect free speech; groups that bring lawsuits to battle corporatism, racism and conservatism like the Southern Poverty Law Center, The Environmental Law Institute, Earthjustice, etc. are also praiseworthy.

To put it simply sue the bastards!

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