Massachusetts had the stupidest idea for teachers I’ve seen in a while

I truly disdain these corporate, StudentsLast, Teach for (Corporate)America charter lovers.

If adopted, the consequences of this “performance-based” licensure system would have indeed been dire. First, teacher tenure would be effectively abolished. Forget due process. An educator could have a solid union contract and be doing a pretty good job; if his supervisor decided he wasn’t good enough, he’d lose his license and his job — even if he had Professional Teacher Status, the state’s equivalent of tenure.

Second, teachers’ jobs would be dependent on their supervisors’ goodwill. If they got a “needs improvement” rating, then in order to avoid another such evaluation, for the next four years (until the next license renewal), they would be under great pressure to support every initiative their supervisor proposed, no matter how ill-conceived.

The reason for failing schools is due to CLASS WARFARE, INCOME INEQUALITY and NEOLIBERALISM!

Photo by Chicago Teachers Union Local 1

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