In Silicon Valley the poor ride a bus all night

In the movie Snowpiercer, what’s left of humanity is resigned to ride on a train with a perpetual motion engine. The world around them is inhospitable to human life so their existence is carried out on this train.

To draw a comparison to something that happens in the real world, we bare witness to the poor in Silicon Valley who are forced to ride around on a bus for the entire night.

The 22 bus is the only route that runs 24 hours in Silicon Valley and it has become something of an unofficial shelter for the homeless.

They call it Hotel 22.

This small pocket of The Golden State has become the most extreme example in the US of the growing schism between the haves and have nots.

Maybe Google or Facebook can lend out one of their luxurious coach buses to do the same thing. At least the homeless would then be able to ride in style! Thanks to gentrification and displacement fueled by the voracious appetite of the tech sector; we might be all riding on buses, maybe they’ll have Google’s self driving technology embedded in them!

Photo by Yang and Yun’s Album

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