How #ferguson protesters and #blackfridayprotests can go after #cybermonday

So all weekend we’ve protested over the non-indictment in Ferguson, MO and Walmart’s (and the retail and fast food sectors) dastardly ways. Some were even successful in shutting down a mall in St. Louis. Of course the organizing and the protesting doesn’t stop here and while I won’t go into what can be done in the future because there are many groups already organizing in that regard; I will mention that Cyber Monday is tomorrow.

Why let an opportunity to make more noise pass us by? There are many things we can do online. We can take to social media and infiltrate the #CyberMonday hashtag.

You can leave reviews on and other commerce sites in protest too. What about doing things inside of online games and virtual worlds? Just some thoughts.

Photo by Stephen D. Melkisethian

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