Why the EU GMO rule is an outrage

The European Parliament, European Commission and the European Council have failed their constituencies when it comes to allowing Monstanto to run wild on the continent.

Food safety spokesperson for Greens in the European Parliament, Bart Staes, cautioned that the deal still “leaves too many gaps” and “risks being a Trojan horse” unless countries wanting a ban are guaranteed legal certainty their bans can be upheld.

“While the deal strengthens the basis on which member states can ban GMOs after their authorization and allows them some flexibility to use environmental policy objectives as a justification, in addition to the criteria assessed by the European Food Safety Authority, it is not clear if this will provide true legal certainty,” Staes said in a media statement.

“The agreement would fail to ensure there are meaningful mandatory measures to prevent the contamination of non-GM crops, with the myriad of issues this raises for growers wanting to remain GM-free,” he also notes.

The EU had a chance to send frankenfood creators a crushing blow on the European continent. Instead they have opened the door to disaster.

Photo by Stephen D. Melkisethian

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