Should Twitter Ban the Paris Burns Hashtag?

There is growing sentiment on the Internet that Twitter should ban the hate speech on their service coming from terrorist organizatons. TheNextWeb has a good discussion going on about this.

One could make the argument that this is freedom of speech even if it’s hate speech but utlimatley I think banning hate speech in this situation could be done as Twitter is a private service. After all, Facebook regulates its network all the time deleting photos and etc. as does YouTube.

There are tons of examples of social media channels regulating the speech on their networks when it comes to terrorism. Horrible photos of behadings have been erased as well as the associated videos. There’s even been doemstic cases where a gunman recorded a video of his crime and posting it to Twitter only for the service to quickly take it down.

So why not ban a hashtag? Is it even possible given the way text is used by social media?

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