Chipotle has an E. Coli Outbreak?

Since factory farming took its hold on the agricultural system of the United States it’s not suprising to see these kind of outbreaks become more frequent over the decades.

Hearing of E. Coli outbreaks affecting everything from meat products to even vegetables have become the norm. Yet no one is willing to take on the meat producers and the rest of Big Ag. The fight to wrestle back control of the U.S. food system is being lost by the American people to these multinationals.

It is sad that Chipotle doesn’t even know what food is making their customers sick.

According to the CDC, the outbreak has not been traced to a particular item on the restaurant’s menu, but 43 of the 45 sickened people reported eating in a Chipotle before getting ill.

Until Friday, cases of the infection totaled 37 that had been contained to the western United States. California, Ohio and New York were new additions, according to the CDC.

How much business is this chain going to lose? How much are we as a nation willing to put up with our sick food system that makes people sick in a myraid of different ways. Not only from outbreaks of E. Coli but from outbreaks of sugar and other ingredients that are slowly killing us.

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