My hometown Westchester County, NY is getting Uber and Lyft

For years now, I’ve been wondering when Westchester County would jump on the ride sharing bandwagon. Living here in the DC Metro area we’ve had Uber and Lyft for years now. I suppose the taxi drivers of Westchester County (and the rest of the New York metro area) had a strong organization and were able to keep Uber and Lyft out but that now appears to be changing.

There’s a new program the county is implementing that will fingerprint drivers-

According to Astorino, new state regulations, which go into effect on Thursday, “contain a major flaw that put the safety of Westchester residents at risk, because they do not require ride-sharing drivers outside of New York City to be fingerprinted.” In Westchester, a plan has been established that will enable users to know whether their driver’s background screening included a fingerprint check.

Now, I wonder if there will be any efforts to organize these drivers as has been attempted in other states.

Photo by meliesthebunny

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