Jefferson’s hypocritical views on race

So I’m reading this article in Jacobin magazine about U.S. and Native American relations during the early years of the republic when I came across this paragraph on Thomas Jefferson’s views on race-mixing between Indians and Caucasians.

Jefferson, like many national politicians between 1790 and 1820, insisted that the tensions on the frontier would ultimately be resolved through intermarriage between whites and Indians. “You will mix with us by marriage,” Jefferson told a visiting delegation of Delawares and Mohicans in 1808. “Your blood will run in our veins, and will spread with us over this great island.”

I doubt that he had the same views when it came to the African American population that was currently enslaved. Yes, he personally fathered mixed-race children with one of his slaves in Sally Hemmings but he was still a slave owner and I don’t believe he envisioned the same future between African Americans and Caucasians. 

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